Wedding Details

2-3 PM: Arrival and light refreshments

4:30 PM: Ceremony

Dinner, lawn games, cake, and more to follow.

This is a casual wedding, indoors and out. You’re welcome to wear anything from a t-shirt to your fanciest dress, but we recommend dressing comfortably. Be prepared for some August heat, likely temperatures in the high 70s-low 80s Fahrenheit.

On our invitations, we wrote that the wedding starts at 2 PM on the front and 3 PM on the back. Oops! Feel free to arrive at any time before ~4:30, when we’ll start the ceremony.

Food will be provided by Shambala Bakery in Mount Vernon, WA. All food will be gluten-free. Most foods (and the desserts!) will be dairy-free as well. Options will be available for vegans and meat-eaters alike!

Beverages will include fresh herbal iced tea and coffee provided by Shambala, as well as a selection of cold beverages with and without alcohol.

We don’t have a registry. The best wedding gift is your presence and support.